An economic finish and very low maintenance


One of the most economical types of finishing is the one when the film is protected with the gravel. The speed in its placing and non-maintenance makes many communities of the neighbors as well as individual owners to decide for gravel. 

As always we will waterproof the area with the help of PVC-P films. The films come in rolls, once they are extended they get welded by thermal fusion. This welding is permanent and when the films are welded they form one solid piece. This piece is delivered to the perimeter of the cover as well as to the various elements composing it (downspouts, tubes, skylights) in all cases we protect it with a geotextile on top and bottom.

Then we will place the gravel. It has a size of 25-35 mm and it is 5 cm thick in order not to create an overload. One of the advantages of this system is that it allows us to add insulation. As a result of it you get an immediate comfort.

All of our waterproofing works have a 10 years warranty on materials and workmanship.

Please, contact us and our technicians will solve all your doubts and make a budget that would meet your needs.

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