Ideal not accessible covered


The PVC-P films allow making any type of cover. For the light metal decks in industrial buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets and generally for any not passable covers the visible film is the ultimate solution.

It is light and easy to place, UV rays and punctures resistant, which makes it perfect for this type of cover.

The films are mechanically fastened to the support with washers and special fasteners and get overlapped, and then the overlaps are welded with the help of thermal fusion leaving the washers and fasteners protected by the waterproof itself. This type of installation doesn’t allow the wind suction to affect the film.

As always, its flexibility, durability and resistance to meteorological agents, bacteria and bad weather let us   provide all guarantees, in this case 10 years in installation and material.

We can also put a thermal insulation under the waterproofing system which means comfort increase.

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